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NCTE offering live seminar on ID documents this Friday (Nov. 18, 2016)

Many transgender and gender non-conforming folks are understandably concerned about how the new American president’s election may affect their ability to get proper identification. The National Center for Transgender Equality is offering a live Community Call in this Friday, November 18, to answer questions about what to do about your identity documents.Trans allies are also welcome to attend.

You must register first to get the call-in information. Go to:


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Tinder now allows users to choose from 37 genders

I’m very happy to share the news that Tinder, a dating and social media app, will now allow users in the UK, Canada, and the USA move beyond binary, cis-gender (that is, non-trans) choices for profiles. Now users will be able to choose from 37 transgender binary and non-binary gender identities. I hope this option will soon be available to users in other countries.

Get the details here:

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Gaining the confidence to transition

Many (most?) transgender folks have had very difficult lives before they make a decision to transition. This transition may be to any part of the gender spectrum. If you will be changing you gender presentation to something new or you are gender nonconforming, you need to build the confidence to maximize you success. In this video, Maren Sandra Jansen describes some steps to take to build confidence.

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Fear of transitioning – two weekends before transitioning at work – May, 2008

There were a number of good things about the weekend but through most of it I was struggling to overcome a fear of transitioning. It was partly the thought of transitioning itself that was causing my, at times, near panic. Even more so, there was a question I’ve been struggling with my whole life. That… Continue reading Fear of transitioning – two weekends before transitioning at work – May, 2008