Change of Direction

I will change my business to simply offering life coaching for professional transgender women. Why?
1. Although several mentors have confirmed the need I identified for training in healthcare organizations on working with trans folks, there is not sufficient recognition of this need. In other words, the market isn’t there.
2. Similarly, several mentors gave me the excellent idea of mentoring trans folks, particularly trans women. The market is not there.
I will end working toward item 1. I will shift item 2 from mentoring trans women to being a life coach for a broader niche. Probably coaching professional folks who are introverted and maybe limited to those in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — I have work experience in 3 of these and have significant education in the fourth).
The change will continue to offer me the ability to work mostly from home. Phone coaching is growing in popularity.
I’m disappointed by the need to make this change but very excited about this new direction. I thrive on one-to-one connections. I’ll still know I’m helping people, too! 🙂
Thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged me on this journey of discovery!

2 thoughts on “Change of Direction

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Maren, it’s disappointing when things don’t go they way you’d hoped, but I have a feeling in changing tact some doors will open for you and you’ll find yourself doing what you really want. Xxxxx

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    1. Thanks so much, loveonastick! The new direction may leave me no time to post about issues affecting transgender folks. But by focusing more on life coaching, I will be fulfilling a life-time dream as much as possible for someone my age. 🙂


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