2 thoughts on “How to react to finding out a child is transgender

  1. Maren, thank you for shaing your experiences from growing up and for making this video explaining how important it is for parents to support their children. As a mum to a young transgender girl I wholeheartedly agree with you -simply affirming your childs feelings and really trying to understand and to accept what they are saying (despite all the feelings and fears you might be having as a parent at the same time) makes the most remarkable difference. As parents we have the power to lift the burden from our children’s shoulders. We can take the worries and fear from them and tell them that we love them and support them and will do anything to make things feel right for them. I encourage parents in this situation to get hold of the book The Transgender Child, written by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper, it’s a really good place to start.
    Thanks Maren, you are uch a beautiful person. xx

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  2. You are clearly passionate about providing the love and support your daughter needs to thrive. Your comments, as a parent of a transgender girl, are sure to be helpful to parents finding themselves in this situation. Thanks so much for recommending the book The Transgender Child to parents who are trying to find their way in doing their best for their child. I will read it, too! And thanks for your kind words to me. I value your thoughts, loveonastick. xo


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