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FREE video, podcast and transcript

Our main website,, has a free video to view, an interview with United Church of Christ pastor Lawrence Tanner Richardson–a transgender man:

Our first product is access to a FREE video with a downloadable podcast and a downloadable transcript. I’m very excited about this!

I created this for interested transgender folks, questioning folks and people interested in learning a bit about what it means to be transgender.

One of our target markets is healthcare organizations and healthcare providers. Transgender folks often report that one of their greatest stresses results from negative experiences with healthcare. I suspect that this results, in part, from many healtcare employees and providers being uncomfortable around transgender persons. They may not understand, for example, how anyone can be transgender, what being transgender means, or why anyone would want to say their gender is different from their birth sex. People have other questions, too, such as about terminology for various transgender identities.

This is why our first product is a video recorded interview between two transgender (sometimes abbreviated trans*) persons, me (Maren Sandra Jansen, a male-to-female transgender woman) and the Rev. Lawrence Tanner Richardson (a female-to-male transgender man). The video is an introduction to what being transgender is all about. It answers some of the questions people have about transgender folks.

Included with access to the video are a downloadable podcast and a downloadable text transcription. I’m excited about our first product release and hope you will be too!

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